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The official loan is characterized by no monthly payments and low interest rates. This loan is ideal for rescheduling or for different purchases.

The customer gets a guaranteed interest and favorable conditions.

Benefits of Official loans

Benefits of Ergo

Official Loans – Financed Finance & Save

When customers apply for a Civil Service , they can expect low interest rates. This interest rate is a fixed rate that does not change during the term. The monthly installments are kept very low. The application is free, no processing fee is charged. The customer gets planning certainty, because the interest is fixed. Customers can count on always constant rates and calculate them monthly in their expenses.

The duration is freely selectable. Anyone who chooses a long term here will be able to keep his monthly rate low. The loan is available from 5000 euros. The maximum amount depends on the income of the applicant. Customers can get advice on this online.

Use special repayment

Use special repayment

With the official loan, customers can make a special repayment at any time. This makes it possible to shorten the term and save interest. It is also possible to replace the loan early. No prepayment penalty is required, as with other providers. The special repayment is often used when an unexpected payment has arrived. If you get holiday money or Christmas bonus, you can use it for special reimbursement.

An early repayment of the loan is possible, so that the customer is immediately debt-free. If you like, you can protect yourself and your family with the official loan. This is a residual debt insurance, which can be completed, if none exists.

Hedging by a term life insurance

Hedging by a term life insurance

With the civil service loan it is nevertheless possible to conclude a term life insurance. The insurance contributions are kept very low. Thus, the customer does not have to reckon with high costs as with other insurance companies. The term life insurance is intended primarily for when the loan is particularly high.

If the borrower dies prematurely, the family is covered. She does not have to pay the remaining debt. Thus, the entire family is financially secure. If you own a life insurance, you will not need this additional insurance.

Customers would then be overinsured and would carry unnecessarily high costs.

Request an offer online

Request an offer online

The customer is allowed to obtain an offer for his official loan on the internet. This is free. The customer only needs two minutes and the inquiry form is already filled out. This only needs to be sent to the who will start the exam immediately.

The consultation can also be done on the phone. This does not check the private credit. It only takes a few hours to compile an offer. The customer can read everything at home and then decide. The application for the official loan can also be made online. If you are not sure, you can call the hotline at any time.

This is free of charge. Skilled staff will be on hand to advise. The can be reached at any time via telephone, fax or via e-mail.

official loan – examples

Official loan Ergo - examples

If a 30-year-old wants to take out a loan of 10,000 euros, he can choose a term of ten years. The borrowing rate will be 3.49 percent. The monthly rate would be with such an offer with 99 euro in the month. It would only cost more by the insurance.

This does not have to be completed, so it is not a mandatory program. With a loan amount of 30,000 euros with the same duration, the monthly rate would be 297 euros. Since an official has a high income, he can easily pay off this low rate. The debit interest will not differ from any other offer. This is currently at 3.49 percent. No matter if the loan amount is 10000 Euro or 50.000 Euro, the debit interest will not change.